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Alra Care Chemo Kit

Alra Care Chemo Kit

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The Alra Care Chemo Kit soothes and relieves the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment with 4 simple, yet effective, skincare products that are non-toxic, organic, and sustainable. The Alra Care Chemo Kit includes:

  • Alra Therapy Lotion (4oz) - Therapeutic to skin irritations caused by cancer treatment
  • Mild Conditioning Shampoo (8oz) - Gentle and moisturizing, yet stimulates scalp circulation to encourage hair re-growth.
  • Non-Metallic Deodorant (2.5oz) - Aluminum-free, preservative/paraben-free, fragrance-free
  • All Vegetable Unscented Mild Soap (4.25) - PH-balanced soap that cleanses without irritating or drying out skin.

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