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Chemotherapy:  A Healing Solution

Chemotherapy: A Healing Solution

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In addition to her comprehensive two-CD set, Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey, Nancy has created this separate, also award-winning 71-minute guided imagery CD and 16-page booklet to guide you through the rigors of receiving cancer chemotherapy. This self-help CD is designed to be listened to before, during and after chemotherapy treatment.

BEFORE, it helps prepare you for treatment by relieving fears, relaxing the body and helping to anticipate treatment in a positive light, as an ally in your healing process. DURING chemo, you may use the healing guided imagery meditations and healing affirmations to relax and receive it as a “healing solution”. AFTER chemotherapy, the compassionately guided healing imagery will greatly assist you in post-treatment recovery, reducing side effects of chemotherapy, and enhancing overall mind-body-spirit healing.

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