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Breast Cancer Recovery Tee

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Each Recovery Tee contains internal pockets for drain management for mastectomy, reduction, and/or reconstruction surgery. This shirt will aid in your post-operative recovery by allowing easy access and safe containment of your drains inside these pockets without the use of safety pins or clips and can be worn during rest, activities, physician follow-up appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, x-rays, diagnostic testing, etc. After surgery, patients have limited mobility for an extended period of time. Activities of daily living become challenging during recovery. Dressing yourself should not be one of the biggest challenges during this period. For that reason, easy-snap plastic buttons were selected for ease of dressing.

Breathable, moisture-absorbing, wicking fabric keeps excessive moisture away from your healing body. In addition, the fabric is lightweight, high-quality with an airy soft feel, but it is durable enough to last during the recovery time, treatment period and beyond.

Available in Aqua, Black, Fushia and Navy.   Comes in sizes M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

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